About Me

Picture of company owner sitting in car with sunglasses and a black t-shirt that reads "ALONE"

Good day, Warriors! Thank you for visiting my website. 

 As a quick side note, this page is under construction as my brand grows to a new place. Please contact me with any questions or just to connect! I am here, just not entirely built yet.

My name is Mark

My passions are crafting art, music, and cuisine; their creative outlets make me feel at home. My most recent adventure has been in the art of swordsmanship. As total nerds, we all want to try something like this in real life. 

It's pretty badass, right?

Medieval, fantasy, knights, warriors—who wouldn't want to experience that outside of a video game? I have loved these things since I was a child.

What will you find in my tavern? Between the drinks, stories, and rest, I have discovered that the path to being a warrior includes many things I expected and other disciplines I had never thought of when playing D&D and video games.

I didn't expect the change necessary to my entire character to wield such an elegant weapon masterfully. The skills going into the art of the blade were also causing a physical change. 

The sweat that only comes with a day full of gritty, hard work at the gym and in training.

The reward on days when I realized I didn't have to give up just because it was hard and I wasn't sure I could do it. 

The gains in muscle and loss of fat from the energy needed to put the proper weight behind my sword.

The community needed to elevate my behaviors and mentality.

I hope to pass this on in return and inspire other adventurers who need it. It will keep my motivation up and build a better foundation in my drive.

So, thank you for joining me at the inn. There's no need to be strangers; let's work together. Our world is constantly growing, and we can build each other up despite our hardships. 

Always reach for greater ground, and know that even the smallest kindness can turn around someone else's life, even on the most challenging days.

Thank you for the time and the read. Take a little time to introduce yourself to me.