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Strength - My Essential Products

I want to give a quick shout out to Purple Heart Armoury and Swords is spes for the amazing swords and gear I have the honor of working with!

Warrior standing with sword in hand and fully armed.

Text written by Tifa Strife from the point of view of Mark.

I would like to focus, however, on one of my favorite sports nutrition brands: Ghost


Most of us have tried just about every protein product on the market somewhere in our training, but this brand is unique not only in its added nutrition, but also in flavor profile. Ghost has over 50 flavors and some kick ass shakers available that appeal to numerous personality types. 

"At GHOST®, we're passionate about sports nutrition, energy drinks and good vibes, but we're also incredibly passionate about the community and all of the amazing people that it represents. We strive to not only give back, but to also play our part in making the world a healthier, more sustainable and ultimately, much more positive place day to day."

Ghost protein container featuring Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as the taste

The energy is clean, reasonably priced, and comes in multiple forms for convivence.



This company also shares my interests in supporting and uplifting others.

Breast Cancer research, One Tree Planted, K9 for Warriors, and Gamers Outreach are just a handful of organizations benefiting from a partnership with Ghost. LEARN MORE

Together all of us support one another - this should include the companies we trust our health to. Ghost is a company I can rely on for good products and ethical trading.

Swedish Fish and Mango are my favorites!









Find recipes on the Ghost website!

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