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Mark's Artistic Drip

Hello warriors!

Happy Wednesday, and welcome to the blog. Some of you may know that when Mark isn't training to be a knight, he has another discipline that is also important to him—art. He used to have a Facebook account named Mark's Artistic Drip, where he often shared his art and, of course, encouraged everyone around him.

Tifa Strife here, and today, we are celebrating Mark! He mentioned a few months ago that he was in between jobs, which has given him a unique opportunity to focus solely on The Warrior's Will. It's not easy starting a business, and it takes a shit ton of time, energy, and an initial investment. The discipline involved is monumental, primarily through the slower months and trial and error components of building a business from the ground up. These times can be discouraging and easy to overthink or doom think, but he has pulled through.

Many of you have asked what happened to his former page and whether or not he would be sharing art anymore. He creates his own content on social media, as I only manage the website for him. So that uses a lot of his creative energy, but fear not! There is a brighter light at the end of this upcoming tunnel!

I am happy to announce that not only is the art returning, but it's now in the shop for purchase on canvas in various sizes. These have all been created by Mark; however, because this is his first time launching them into a store, his prices are a lot more agreeable than personal art often is. He won't advertise as much as he should, so I'm here to do it for him! More will continue to show up as we slowly get them all downloaded into the shop. 

I have no idea if he will end up using the same name (Mark's Artistic Drip) or not, but for now, I've used that name in the store to direct followers who already know what it is. It's a good placeholder in the meantime while he decides how these two entities will integrate.

Did you see the Pride 2024 gear available? They are on sale for the rest of June, so definitely check it out if you want to take advantage of a fantastic price point.

See you all next week for your normally scheduled blog post!

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