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Honor - My Training

Written by Tifa Strife from Mark's point of view.


There is a lot to the practice of a warrior. The media has taught us that fancy moves and dramatic pauses create a skilled battle. Perhaps that is true for entertainment. However, in real life, sword fighting is far more about timing, distance of your opponent, how quickly you can react to them, and at what level you can use your skills when in reaction mode (the correct posture/stance is crucial as well!). It's the discipline of many little skills and paying attention to detail.

For the purposes of this post, honor refers to integrity and follow-through, not individuals in positions of power.  


To inspire and lead other warriors, consistently staying in my practice is essential. As I cheer each of you on, I, too, am improving each day. I still have a ways to go, but the important part is that I always show up. As much as I love the idea of epic fights each day, the truth is that it often looks more like small steps being practiced repeatedly. 

I want you to honor your hard work. Victories are the culmination of winning each day. If you focus on the end result rather than the current progress, you will miss out on the chance to cheer yourself on. Everything will seem not good enough or not quite there. Celebrate that minor step you've been working on for weeks as though it were just as impactful as the victories from completed training! Together, we can encourage and push each other, which is the primary purpose of my page. 


Here are some videos of my current progress, I have been training for roughly two years now:





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