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Honor - Loving Others for More Than a Month

As many of you know, The Warrior's Will is a relatively new shop. So, if it has been unclear prior to this, Mark is 100% LGBTQA+ friendly. As someone who partners with him, Mark was completely aware of my orientation, as well as that of my co-writer on Word Alchemy LLC, and it has never been an issue. That being said, we are so excited to start adding allied shirts to the shop, which will be available year-round once they are live. It's the Honor Warrior's week for the blog, and what a perfect time to celebrate pride.

Being queer doesn't mean I'm a perfect ally.


My orientation isn't an attempt to say that being pansexual automatically makes me an excellent ally for the people in my community or even myself. I'll never forget an elderly man who said, "I've been learning more about myself, and it turns out I harbor some homophobic thoughts." He was openly gay his entire life, but the prejudice and hate of the people around him still managed to leak into his worldview. It was harmful to himself and others. He chose, even as an older generation and late-in-life person, to seek therapy to find healing in these deep-seated thoughts. It would've been so easy to say he was too old to rewire his thoughts, but he didn't.


This man's story is about what it means to be an ally. It isn't about what you've done to show support or how many rainbow-colored items are available in your shop this month. It's about looking at our beliefs and searching for areas in which we might have harmful thoughts about ourselves or others. He was humble enough to see that even as someone in this community, he still had been conditioned to think harmful things about himself.


That man is totally my hero.


I always hope to love others enough to do this as well, not just for this community but for any marginalized community. Harmful thoughts and behaviors break us down. We have an opportunity to build each other back up every day of the year. Honor means I will stand by your side for more than just Pride Month!


I'm excited to celebrate as well! I love a good rainbow. I also love more subtle apparel for those who prefer it.


With that, I want to wish everyone happy pride!!! Rather than ask you to shop with us today, here is a list of excellent LGBTQA-owned shops you should check out!






Here is an article with more! 25 LGBTQ-owned Businesses to Support this Pride Month


Is your business LGBTQA owned? Let us know! We will add you to our list!

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