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Heart - Practicing Mindfulness

Good morning everyone!

I'll be honest. It was hard to decide if I wanted to do this under the Heart warrior or the Discipline warrior. 

This is Tifa Strife again! I write for Mark, but we are still two separate businesses. Working with Mark is an honor and so enjoyable. You will still continue to see Mark's growth and journey as we go. 

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What Does Mindfulness Look Like in the Age of Information?

We live in a time of endless accessible knowledge. As a curious person, I can get lost for hours in random information. When we have everything we could ever want at our fingertips 24/7, mindfulness seems to be a thing of the past. The truth is, our minds are somewhere every second of the day, including in sleep. Mindfulness is a way of purposefully choosing where your attention goes. Or, if you prefer the official definition:

Mindfulness is a mental state or attitude in which one focuses one's awareness on the present moment while being conscious of and attentive to this awareness (OED).

There are many reasons in life why humans learn to dissociate. For people incapable of thinking in the present and being present, this usually is the aftermath of trauma. The brain is incredible when it comes to rewiring our systems to survive. Unfortunately, it's not particularly good at letting go of the coping skills once the danger is gone. 

We are still capable of having meaningful and purposeful lives. It takes hard work, but the outcome is worth it on the other side. 

I knew a remarkable man once who was one of the wisest people I had ever met. The last time I visited him before he passed, I remember him saying nobody is ever too old or wise to have a mentor. This is an extension of what therapy is beneficial for. For many of us, we have therapy to learn how to manage our mental health easier. It's useful for everyone to process life, not just those of us with disorders


But before you delete the 100+ hours you put into a new video game (I would cry!), I'm just saying not to turn your entire life into one of your coping mechanisms. Coping with games, books, or scrolling feels fun, but it rarely gets us any closer to our desires or goals in life.

Being purposeful involves taking steps that align more closely with your values and passion. If you want to be a writer, write more often than you play games. If you want a meaningful connection with your loved ones, put the phone down when you spend time together. You will be surprised how quickly doing the things you are passionate about becomes motivation to do even more. For some, it's the ultimate form of self-care when they take the time to help the neighbor lift something heavy instead of sitting in their thoughts for hours. 

This isn't judgment. 

struggle with this as well, but I'm trying to do better. Every moment is a moment you choose your future. Not stepping forward is a decision in itself, after all. 

Tips for Mindfulness:

  • Something to keep you in the moment, such as a fidget toy or chewing ice.
  • Listen to what someone says without forming what you want to reply. Pay attention to every word, even if you need a moment to respond when they finish.
  • Listen to the words of the song playing or the taste of your food, even if you eat it often.  
  • Identify your surroundings while driving instead of being on autopilot.
  • Listen to your breath as you fall asleep, and feel it fill your lungs (I struggle not to think of every mistake I've ever made, so I often do this).

What are some of your favorite ways to practice mindfulness?

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