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Discipline - Taking the Risks that Count

Another update post! Hello Warriors, and welcome to the blog! This week is Mark again, with editing by Tifa Strife!

We've circled back to the Discipline Warrior, which reminds me of the origins of my company. Starting a company takes risks, and mine has been no different. I've been contemplating risks a lot this week. I'm only months into my new business, meaning I'm still on an unsure footing for a while while I hustle and set things up.



Starting The Warrior's Will was followed by losing my job a few days later. I had just invested a chunk of money into the website and other ideas for launching when I received the news. It would've been easy to stay down and give up the dream I had just planted. Instead, I went all in and focused purely on Warrior's Will. It's entirely new for me, growing pains included, and I am still trying to figure out where it will lead me. However, I am determined to push with everything I have. I learn more every day and set new goals as I grow.


These Warriors are the elements that inspire my life every day.


Discipline: Doing the necessary shit even when it sucks and I don't want to. The days I am tired and unsure are the most important days to choose me and my future. Whether it's in physical training or anywhere else that is important, it's vital to focus on what I do now.


Strength: I work on my mind, body, and soul by being who I am, and fueling myself with the things that facilitate these. If you have yet to see my article on Ghost products, check it out here for the fuel going into my body!

Honor: This one can be subjective, but I've explained it in the past and will do a quick reminder now. The Honor Warrior represents honoring the commitments I make to myself. It also means loving and supporting the people around me, especially my warriors here! We might think in different ways and have differing beliefs, but we can still stay true to the things that are best for us! I am here for you!


Heart: Keeping myself open for the best things in life, even when it scares the shit out of me. Following my heart and growing from my experiences. This one is significant to me. I used to allow others the chance to dictate my feelings. I have been hurt, beaten, battered, and bruised. I shut myself down and refused to wear it for so long. Now, I wear it. It is my power and strength. I share with others willingly, and if life permits, I can't wait for someone special to share in return. Hurt and grief are naturally part of our lives, but I refuse to let them rule me any longer.


Keep your dreams, and fight for yourself always. We are in this together! Let me know how I can support you.




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